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A destination with a plethora of things to do and places waiting to be explored!

he Dodecanese are a chain of gorgeous islands scattered in the Southeastern part of the Aegean. The term Dodecanese translates into 12 islands and it refers to the 12 bigger islands of the cluster. However, in reality, the Dodecanese are made up of 15 large islands and 150 smaller ones of which a total of 26 are uninhabited. This mesmerising cluster of islands boasts eye-capturing landscapes of unique beauty, hosts beautiful shores, coves, secluded beaches, breath-taking islets and crystalline waters.
Rhodes - Knotty Boats


The most popular island of the Dodecanese is a beautiful destination filled with luscious greenery, forests, olive groves, luxurious hotels, long beaches, buzzing nightlife and historical monuments of great significance. Wander the narrow streets of Rhodes Old Town, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site, explore the Palace of the Grand Master, visit the Lindos Acropolis and lose yourself in the Butterfly Valley. Charter a sailboat and explore more than 42 beaches, enveloping the beautiful island and allowing you a great seafaring experience. Explore Tsambika beach, considered the best beach on the island. It is a long stretch of fine, golden sand enveloped by beautiful clear waters. Sail to the bay of Anthony Quinn, a rocky, small bay with crystalline waters, embraced by a pine forest. Visit the Agathi beach, a sandy, family-friendly destination, with blue waters.

Kalymnos - Knotty Boats


The island of Kalymnos is a destination appealing to sophisticated explorers who wish to stay away from traditional destinations. This does not mean that the island is not tourist-friendly; on the contrary, it is a popular destination for those interested in adventure, outdoor activities and rugged natural beauty. With its mountainous, breathtaking landscape the island is a rock-climber’s paradise featuring over 3000 climbing routes. Its unique topography allows for secluded beaches and coves. Charter a sailboat and explore the long, sandy Kantouni beach, surrounded by mountains. Sunbathe at the tranquil Emporio and relax at Platis Yalos on the long, stretched, black-sand shore. Go snorkelling at Kalamies, the small, quiet and picturesque beach.


Leipsoi is a small group of islets, scattered in the archipelago and it is a great destination to explore with a sailboat. From the secluded beauty of the crystal clear waters of Platis Gialos, to the Katsadia beach, with the sapphire sea and the green shrubs surrounding it, to the secluded cloves where you can swim in privacy.



A small volcanic island adorned with rugged beauty, it is home to a volcano. The shores are mostly rocky and pebbled but there are a couple of sandy beaches. Lies is a beautiful, long stretch of brown sand, featuring many smaller coves on it, formed by the sea. Katsouni is the longest beach on the island and its shimmering waters make it an ideal destination.

Kastellorizo island - Knotty Boats


One of the most enchanting islands of the Dodecanese with its colourful architecture, indicative of the cultures that have crossed the island. Charter a catamaran and sail around the island to take in the smalls coves, pebbled bays, secluded beaches and its rough beauty.



The spiritual and mystifying island of Patmos is home to some of the most amazing beaches and coves of the Aegean Sea. It is one of the northernmost islands of the Dodecanese and it is famous for being the island where apostle John wrote the Book of Revelation. Stroll the beautiful streets of Chora with the traditional architecture, visit the Castle with the breathtaking view. Charter a catamaran and sail to Kambos beach on the northern part of the island, swim in the crystal waters, explore Psili Ammos and enjoy the calm, blue sea. Relax at Diakofti, a secluded and quiet cove enveloped by rocky hills and sunbathe in Meloi, a beach protected by winds.



Another hidden gem of the Aegean and the Dodecanese, Kasos is the ideal destination to immerse yourself in serenity, savour the exquisite local delicacies and explore the enchanting beauty of the island. Visit Helatros, a protected sea harbour, Emporios with its beautiful waters and Armathia, a cove surrounded by rugged hills, accessible only by boat.

Leros - Knotty Boats


Small and beautiful, Leros is a paradise destination for those wishing to enjoy quiet holidays away from the crowds. Take a stroll on the sandy Alinda beach, moor at Vromolithos, to take in the peacefulness and swim in the amazing turquoise-green waters.

Symi - Knotty Boats


A charming, small island with colourful architecture and houses perched amphitheatrically on a hill. It’s a cosmopolitan island with finesse and a great destination for sailboats. Sail to Nos and swim in the crystalline waters. Charter a yacht and take a tour of the island to admire its beauty and the blue sea.
Tilos - Mikro Chorio


A small island with a complicated topography, and great natural beauty. Eristos is a sandy bay engulfed in blue waters and Livadia is a pebbled shore with beautiful clear waters.

A number of Isles and islets

A great number of isles and islets are part of the Dodecanese cluster. These include Alimia, Arkoi, Farmakonisi, Gyali, Kinaros, Levitha, Marathos, Nimos, Pserimos, Saria, Strongyli, Syrna and Telendos. They are small, charming gems of beauty and you can explore them all. Rest assured that you will enjoy each and every destination.

Kos - Knotty Boats


Kos is the island of Hippocrates, the Great Greek Physician. It is the 3rd largest island and it is another tourist-friendly and popular destination. With its beautiful and unique architecture indicative of the different cultures that influenced the island, Kos is a destination worth exploring. Visit the Aklepieion (where Hippocrates practised medicine), explore the churches and the mosques, take a stroll around the city, under the palm trees, across the busy bars and restaurants. Charter a yacht and don’t miss out on exploring the numerous beaches surrounding the island. Sail to the Mastichari, a sandy and exotic beach with its crystalline waters. Stroll the long beach of Lagades and allow the fine sand to welcome you. Snorkel in its sapphire waters and enjoy watersports at Marmari Limnaria. The strong winds are ideal for windsurfing.

Karpathos - Knotty Boats


This is another great, island destination, filled with luscious pine forests that stretch all the way to the sea; an island with a complicated topography, beautiful architecture and some of the most mesmerising beaches of the Mediterranean. The island features Olympos; a mountainous, traditional settlement where locals wear the traditional costumes and life follows a different pace. With 20 beautiful beaches to visit, Karpathos is a great destination waiting to be explored. Swim in the waters of Apella, a picturesque cove enveloped in trees, snorkel in Kyra Panagia in the sapphire waters and relax on the exotic sand. Enjoy the amazing green-blue waters of the Achata beach contrasting the white pebbles of the shore and take in the endless blue of the Damatria beach.



This beautiful, small island lies in the northernmost point of the Dodecanese.  Though small it is a popular island and it is ideal for quiet and tranquil holidays. The island is rocky and its rugged landscape is breathtaking. Charter a yacht and sail to Spilia cove; a quiet destination with blue and green, shimmering waters. Visit Katholiko, sunbathe and go snorkelling.

Astypalaia - Knotty Boats


The Dodecanese are made up of a chain of beautiful islands; Astypalaia is a gem of beauty. The island is surrounded by white-pebbled beaches and adorned by mountainous hillsides. Charter a sailboat and explore its 13 beaches and coves. Sail through Agios Konstantinos, enjoy the long, sandy beach of Livadi, immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Vatses and take in the calmness at Pachia Ammos; the most secluded and quiet beach of the island.

Chalki - Knotty Boats


The smallest island of the Dodecanese is a charming destination. Only 4 miles off the coast of Rhodes it is a place to enjoy tranquillity and relaxation. Sail to the Potamos Beach with the golden, fine sand and the crystal waters. Swim in the beautiful shimmering waters of Yali.

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