Ionian Islands

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Carefree sailing in the Ionian islands!

ith a wealth of natural coves, bays and havens, as well as numerous organized marinas and sailing services, the Ionian Islands are a safe playground for bareboat sailing holidays or skippered yachting ones. Amazingly scattered along the emerald waters of the Ionian Sea, they are set conveniently close to their famous sister Islands, yet a world apart from them. Knotty Boats can find a boat charter in the Ionian islands and enable you to explore those secret gems of the Ionian; a sailor’s paradise indeed!

The Ionian Islands are a cluster of Islands with unique natural beauty.  Like little emeralds are strewn around the shimmering, crystal clear waters of the Ionian. Small, scenic, fishing villages shaped by a colourful mixture of architectures are perched on quiet coasts. Traditional Venetian buildings and graceful neoclassical mansions are revealed as you take a stroll around the islands. Rugged, cliff-backed beaches shape some of the islands’ coastlines and mountain hills stretch all green and luscious all the way to the sea. Pine forests and cypress trees, olive groves and wild flowers contribute to the unique beauty of the Ionian Islands.

Knotty Boats can help you find the best Ionian boat charter. To help you discover all the great landscapes, coasts, bays, fishing villages and beautiful waters the Ionian has to offer. Sail with the dolphins as you make your way lightly through the majestic waters of crystalline tranquility of Kalamos, Marathonisi, Meganisi and the Diapontian islands too. Make a stop to enjoy the elegant architecture of Corfu, the rugged, cliffy worldwide famous beach of Zante and enjoy a meal at a cosy fishing village in Kefalonia. Take a swim at one of Ithaca’s enchanting beaches and allow the Ionian breeze to help you discover all the peaceful coves, sandy coasts and beautifully-built port cities. The Ionian islands are ready to welcome you with their grace, finesse and hospitality.

Allow Knotty Boats to provide you with a boat charter in the Ionian islands and help you enjoy alluring sailing holidays.


Myrtos beach is Kefalonia’s pride. The awe-inspiring, long-stretched, sandy beach is a world-renowned destination. Not only because of the popular movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” but also because of its multi award-winning natural beauty. We can help you discover the beauty of this amazing island which is the largest of the Ionians. With spectacular natural landscapes ranging from majestic mountains to sweeping beaches, scattered along a rich coastline, Kefalonia provides amazing sailing experiences.

Hidden beach: Stretching just below Kipouria Monastery in southwestern Kefalonia, the Platia ammos beach is a hidden gem accessible only by sailboat, with amazing waters and exceptional sunsets. We can help you discover this amazing destination.
Corfu island


Knotty Boats can help you explore Corfu with a boat charter which can be your ticket to enjoy the beautiful shores, described by Lord Byron as “shores of glory”. And that is what they truly are! Corfu island is a blessed destination for beach lovers and adventure explorers alike. Cosmopolitan and quintessential, it is a unique destination blending culture and tradition. Perched on the most inspiring natural backdrop, the island charms pleasure seekers of all kinds. Charter a boat in Corfu and allow the island to welcome you to its beautiful shores.

Hidden beaches: Along Corfu’s long, golden coastline, lay scattered countless bays and havens accessible only by sailboat. Knotty Boats can be your private boat charter in Corfu and lead you to a dreamy sailing experience!

Diapontian Islands

Othonoi, Erikousa, Mathraki. A spectacular complex of 11 islets; 9 of which are uninhabited, lay west of Corfu, situated on the western fringe of Greece. The Diapontian islands are a sailors’ playground: Amazing lazy shores and spectacular rock formations blend with the lush greenery and the picturesque, small, stone-built settlements. They all create a wonderful scenery you will long to visit again!


A small island bearing a historic and mythical name; the homeland of Odysseus, Ithaca island is an idyllic destination that remains unspoilt from mass tourism. Just a short sail away from NE Kefalonia, it features the same kind of luscious greenery, verdant nature and shares those amazingly refreshing, deep turquoise waters with Kefalonia. With a wealth of pristine beaches accessible only by boat, Ithaca island is a sailing heaven worth exploring.

Hidden beach: Do not miss the opportunity to sail to Gidaki. This is an amazing beach with crystal blue-green waters, enveloping soft white sands bearing great resemblance to the Caribbean landscapes. Knotty Boats can be your boat charter in Ithaca and help you create the sailing holidays of your dreams!


The Venetians, who ruled Zante (Zákynthos) from 1484 to 1797, called the island “Fioro di Levante” (flower of the East) as there are over 7,000 species of flowers on Zante. Mountain hills stretching to shimmering turquoise waters, lush vegetation, amazing beaches and sparkling lifestyle contribute to creating a unique ambience. Making the island a favorite destination for sailors and dreamers alike. Boat charter in Zante Laganas  are easy and Knotty Boats is here to help you enjoy the sailing trip of your dreams.

Sail to the renowned Shipwreck Cove with your own, chartered sailboat and indulge in this breathtaking scenery without the vast crowds arriving by boat cruises. Private boat charter in Zante with the help of Knotty Boats can contribute to the dreamy holidays of your imagination.


A short sail away from Meganissi, Kalamos islet is a charm for those seeking tranquility and seclusion. Perfectly embraced by the lush greenery and the Ionian waters, Kalamos islet has only one settlement and two marinas.


Rich tropical vegetation, shimmering turquoise waters and uncommon rock formations, shape a destination equal to paradise on Earth! A turtle shaped islet covered in lush greenery, Marathonissi is literally a turtle island, as loggerhead turtles lay their eggs on the beach, which hatch during the summer.


Set off the southeast corner of Lefkas Island, Meganissi islet is a sailor’s dream! Also known as the «sailor’s island», Meganissi features 3 marinas and more than 90 secluded bays and anchorages.

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