Our Fleet

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Whether you are looking for bareboat charters in Greece or catamaran charters in Greece, we are here for you!

t Knotty Boats we take pride in providing you with the best sailboat to suit your needs so as to help you make your dreams for amazing seafaring experiences come true. We can help you not only to find the perfect yacht charter service in Greece but also to enjoy paradise holidays.
Lagoon 46 - If

Lagoon 46 No worries

4+2 Cabins | 4+1 WCs | 10 Guests | 2021

Bavaria C57 Elli

4+1 Cabins | 4+1 WCs | 10 Guests | 2020

Bavaria C57 Seacret

5+1 Cabins | 3+1 WCs | 12 Guests | 2020

Dufour 530 Anema

5+1 Cabins | 4+1 WCs | 12 Guests | 2021

Dufour 530 Princess Leia

5+1 Cabins | 4+1 WCs | 12 Guests | 2021

Hanse 675 Nadamas

3+1 Cabins | 3+1 WCs | 8 Guests | 2017

Hanse 588 Medseatation

4+1 Cabins | 4+1 WCs | 10 Guests | 2019

Hanse 588 Princess Melody

3+1 Cabins | 3+1 WCs | 6 Guests | 2019
Dufour 530

Dufour 530 Venus

3+1 Cabins | 3+1 WCs | 8 Guests | 2021
Dufour 530

Dufour 530 Dimpa

3+1 Cabins | 3+1 WCs | 8 Guests | 2021

Oceanis 55.1 Axis Mundi

3+1 Cabins | 2+1 WCs | 8 Guests | 2019

Saona 47 White Coral

5+1 Cabins | 5+1 WCs | 10 Guests | 2020

Our fleet is new as all our boats are 0-4 years old and they are 45ft-long, high-end boats ready to carry you to dreamy destinations. Knotty Boats can be your luxury yacht charter service in Greece and help you enjoy carefree and fully private sailing holidays on a luxurious and spacious yacht, able to facilitate and cater for families or groups of friends. Take in the sun in the sunbathing areas, while floating with ease and safety. With a swim platform and many spacious areas for relaxation and finding peace, it is an ideal boat for larger groups. Knotty Boats is a professional luxury yacht charter service in Greece and delivers great seafaring experiences. As a skippered yacht charter in Greece, Knotty Boats can provide skippered boats with skippers of superb seamanship. Well-experienced, high-end professionals who will go out of their way to guarantee safe and smooth sailing and dreamy sailboat holidays. Our yachts have a separate skipper establishment so that you will experience truly private holidays in peace and quiet. If you want to enjoy the safest and most enchanting sea holidays contact Knotty boats, your trusted skippered yacht charter in Greece.  

Knotty Boats is your yacht charter service in Greece, whether you go island-hopping in the Argosaronic, you leisurely sail through the beautiful gems of the Ionian Sea or you explore the interchanging beauty of the Cycladic landscape. Our sailboats can be found in many locations both around Athens and the Attica region and in a number of island locations. Namely in the Attica region, they can be found in Kalamaki and Lavrio around Athens. In the Aegean sea, they are in Mykonos, Paros, Kos, Rhodes and Skiathos.  In the Ionian Sea, they are in Lefkada and Corfu and for the mainland, they can be found in Volos. We are your best option for a sailing yacht charter as we deliver the best we have to offer. A yacht charter in Greece capable of catering to all your needs; providing you with the best vessel to take you to the most welcoming and charming destinations. A bareboat charter in Greece understanding your need for peace and quiet, privacy and relaxation.

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