Sporades Islands

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Go hiking in the beautiful countryside, explore nature, swim in the turquoise sea and sail swiftly among dolphins!

he Sporades chain of islands is comprised of 24 beautiful gems filled with lush greenery, pine forests, olive trees, orange groves, wildflowers and plants. The green islands are enveloped in clear, crystalline, blue waters shimmering and glistening in the sun. Only 4 islands are inhabited and they are charming destinations for sailors, swimmers and everyone who is looking for a destination with finesse and tranquillity. The islands are adorned with landscapes of great beauty, filled with forests reaching out to the shores, a complex topography where the sparkling Aegean waters and the thick forests entwine.
Skiathos - Knotty Boats


It is by far the most popular of the Sporades; a tourist destination engulfed in great natural beauty. A coastline spotting inlets, capes and peninsulas, forming welcoming destinations for swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling. Charter a yacht and take a tour of this beauty of an island, visit the places the movie was shot, and discover the island’s charming shoreline at your own pace. With over 60 beaches to choose from and explore, Skiathos is ideal for a sea-faring adventure. Sail to the Koukounaries beach, where the crystalline waters adorn the sandy shores, surrounded by pines. Moor off the coast of Lalaria; a golden sand shore engulfed by rocky hills. This is a place of peacefulness, a cove accessible only by boat and secluded. Stroll through the fine, white sand of Hamenos Beach and take in the beauty of the landscape.



The southernmost island of the Sporades, Skyros holds a special place in the heart of those who wish to enjoy quiet holidays, filled with cultural experiences, historic references and tasty local delicacies. Take a stroll through Chora and explore the winding alleys leading all the way to the Castle. The island’s northern shores are engulfed in forests while the southern shores are surrounded by mountainous hills and rocks. Enjoy the peacefulness of Atsitsa, with the blue-green waters and the pebbled beach, visit Pefkos with its amazing landscape made up of fine, golden sand, green waters surrounded by a lush forest. Sunbathe in the quietness of Achili, away from the crowds and stroll through the sandy dunes of Palamari beach in the serenity of this secluded sandy shore.

Skopelos - Knotty Boats


An island of great beauty, with complex topography, fauna and flora. This too is an island filled with forests and wildflowers and numerous coves adorned by fine, white sand and pebbles. Enjoy the sun setting on the crystalline waters of the Panormos beach, possibly the most charming beach of the island. Relax in the peacefulness of the secluded, white-pebbled Kastani, and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the blue waters at Armenopetra.



This beautiful gem of the Sporades is a destination full of forests, greenery and a place to enjoy sailing, swimming, snorkelling alongside dolphins, seals and sea turtles. The National Marine Park of Alonissos is the largest marine protected area in Europe and it is a great place to visit. Take in the grand, blue, shimmering waters of Agios Dimitrios, the long stretch of pebbled beach and the beautiful pine forests. Swim in the beauty of the green waters and explore Kokinokastro. A long sandy beach surrounded by a red (kokkino) hill. Explore the white, sandy beach of Leftos Gialos, the quietness and the turquoise sea. Moor off the coast of Vrisitsa, a rather secluded cove, perched between rocky hills and wrapped in tranquillity.

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